Being on Autopilot isn’t Serving Us

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...Is it really Friday already!? This is how I feel sometimes. The days feel long but then before I know it we are approaching another weekend. I hate to admit it but I fell into autopilot. I can tell you about being sick for 7 months while I was pregnant with Dakota. Now I have an infant and am tired, run down and overwhelmed. For the last year it has been really comfortable to check out of life. I wish I would say this is the first time this has happened. It’s not! It is probably the...

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Get going with small goals!


As we begin a new year there is so much excitement… Out with the old, in with the new. Time to start fresh. Set your new year's resolutions/goals. Get back on track. Learn something new. And the list could go on!. It is “tradition” to get motivated with the beginning of a new year. Many people choose goals related to health, finances, planning/organization, travel and relationships. Chances are you fall into one of two categories: You have goals, a plan and are really excited to get going! You are overwhelmed with all the new year’s excitement and aren’t really sure...

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