Why I Choose Bath Fizzies!

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Why I Choose Bath Fizzies!

We live in a crazy busy world that can be overwhelming and draining. I hit a point where I knew I needed to make more of an effort to recharge and "fill my cup" when I started to feel warn down.

I eventually found that I LOVE taking baths! This is one of the best ways I have found to recharge my mind, body and soul. There is something so incredibly rejuvenating about sitting in a warm bath.

Over time I found that adding essential oils and epsom salt gave my body even more benefits. The aromatherapy helps my mind, body AND soul and the epson salt helps my muscles relax. I started experimenting withother bath products too and decided to look at bath bombs.

I didn't want all the dyes and fake fragrances that were in most of the bath bombs I looked at, so I decided to make my own. As I experimented I found that there was no reason to actually make a "bomb". Pouring the powder in my bath gave be all the benefits I was looking for. I realized that it made it even easier to blend the aromas because I could easily mix together whatever scents I wanted/needed at the time. And so...Bath Fizzies were born.

Here is what I use and why:

Baking Soda and Citric Acid

Baking soda is alkalizing and helps soothe skin and complements the acidic property of citric acid.

Citric Acid helps repair skin and blood vessels. Additionally it helps loosen unhealthy skin allowing the underneath layers to come to the surface.

These two combined with water is what makes the fun fizzy reaction.

Corn Starch

Corn starch provides a wonderful silky feel.

Epsom Salt

Even though it is classified a salt, Epsom Salt is really just a mineral (magnesium). It eases stress and pain, helps eliminate toxins, relaxes muscles and can help relieve constipation.

Essential Oils

Each essential oil has its own unique benefits. They can be used individually and blended for added benefits and versatility.


What you need to know...

1. Although all the ingredients are considered safe, if you have sensitive skin do a test run with just a Tablespoon (or even less) of Bath Fizzies to make sure you do not react.

2. Using 1/2 (one baggie) is the general recommended amount. If you want to combine scents I recommend you get out a measuring cup or small bowl and mix the Bath Fizzies in that before pouring them into your bath so you know how much you are using. 

3. Have fun and enjoy! This is YOUR time. Thank you for caring for yourself!

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